Human Resource Courses

Courses offered are suitable for employee learning, team empowerment, talent development as well as for personal development and enhancement.

Human Resource Courses

How to achieve personal goals in work and life

How to organize efficient time management in work and life
How to implement work and life balance at work

HR management for non-HR

How to inspire and empower team at work

How to be a star employee in your organization
Change management tactics for bosses

Employee engagement for bosses

All about team management

How to draft employee handbook

How to have healthy and happy culture at workplace
How to hire the right talent for a job

Payroll system, structure and application

How to design Job Description

How to retain good employee in a small company
Basic HR knowledge and system for SMEs

Steps in starting a proper HR system for SMEs

Basic understanding of labor law compliances in Malaysia

How to structure a right compensation plan and benefits for my company
How to resolve conflict with staff