Business Courses

Courses offered are suitable for company leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs to embark on personal acceleration to drive their vision and business forward.

Business Courses


Convert Leads into Sales

Importance of Unique Selling Proposition
Know Your of Unique Sales Proposition
Build Clearer Unique Sales Proposition
Service Marketing

Importance of Customer Experience
Upgrade Level of Customer Service
Build Strong Value Proposition
Profile Your Target Market
Importance of Data Mailing
Data Analysis in Marketing
What is Marketing ROI?

Referral Marketing

Effective Sales Funnel

Sales & Marketing Campaigns
Product Launching

Create Viral Marketing

Brand vs Rebrand

Manage Customer Database
Tele-Marketing 1.0

Tele-Marketing 2.0

Create Killer Business Presentation
Outbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Market Validation for Start-up
Create Ideation for Start-up
Sales Negotiation

Build Effective Sales Team
Business Model Canvas